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Unless otherwise stated in writing by an authorized representative of seller, all transactions between the buyer and seller are expressly subject to these terms and conditions.  The seller will not be bound by any terms proposed by buyer, whether in purchase orders or otherwise, which are additional to or different from the terms and conditions set forth herein.  Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.


PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.  Prices are subject to adjustment to those in effect at time of shipment.  The only exception will be where a valid written quotation has been issued by the seller's marketing department.


Published or quoted prices do not include sales, excise, use or similar taxes which are the responsibility of the buyer.  Where seller is required to pay or collect such taxes, they will be separately invoiced to buyer unless an appropriate tax exemption certificate is filed with seller


Acceptance of orders shall be subject to seller's credit department.  If, in the judgment of seller, the financial condition of the purchaser, at any time, does not prove worth of extending credit, the seller may require full or partial payment in advance of production or shipment.


Unauthorized deductions by the buyer from its remittance to seller will not be permitted unless written authorization and credit memoranda are issued by seller.  Deductions exceeding those authorized by seller will be invoiced by seller and become payable upon receipt.


Delivery dates as set forth on order acknowledgements are approximate.  Although seller will use all reasonable efforts to meet delivery dates, seller will not be responsible for failure to meet said dates.  In no event will seller be liable for any loss or damage or for any special, incidental or consequential damages to buyer resulting from failure to deliver within the times specified.  Unless otherwise amended in writing, seller reserves the right to ship up to 30 days in advance of the stated shipping date.

Seller reserves the right to make delivery in installments which shall be separately invoiced and paid for when due without regard to subsequent deliveries.


Unless modified in writing by seller's quotation, terms of payment are net 30 days from date of invoice, payable is U.S.A. funds

Accounts which become overdue will be subject to a monthly service charge until paid and buyer will be liable for reimbursing seller's expense and legal fees in collecting such accounts.


Seller's prices are based on standard packaging suitable for domestic shipments in the 48 continental United States.  If special packaging is required by buyer, an additional charge will be invoiced to the buyer.  


Orders for non-cataloged or specials items will be accepted on a non-cancellable basis.  The quantity manufactured, shipped, and invoiced may vary by 10% above or below the ordered quantity and the order will be considered as being shipped complete.


Unless otherwise stated in writing, prices include only seller's standard test data.  Any special testing, test reports or test data shall be invoiced accordingly unless included in the seller's quotation.


Seller shall retain title to and possession of any models, patterns, dies, molds, jigs, fixtures, tools and test equipment made for or obtained for the performance of this order.


Unless otherwise provided, seller reserves the right to modify the specifications, materials or manufacturing methods of products ordered by the buyer providing that the modification will not materially affect the performance.